Introduction to Meditation

Your Guide to Meditation, Easy, Effective and Economical

On this site we invite you to discover meditation, one of the most fascinating disciplines that the universe has placed at our disposal in the most simple, gentle and effective way.

Any body can do it. You too!

You will understand that learning to meditate, does not mean you have to go far away in search of impossible masters.

You only have to go deep inside you

We give you the vehicle to experience transcendence both inside and outside of you, doing it in an easy way, without disrupting your beliefs and values.

We give you the basic tools to go effortless, joyfully and confident into subtler states of consciousness.

We’ll leave you free to do and interpret ate your experience of meditation as you best wish.

With our articles and posts we explain in a simple way the knowledge of Meditation and its mechanics .

We do not want to impose you anything, or discredit other methods and techniques of meditation.

Transcending should be a fundamental right of all beings.

The Transcendental is the fourth state of consciousness. Nothing else , but enough to be become a more complete being.

Then there are other states of consciousness that you’ll find out yourself with the practice of meditation, without going away from your world and your passions .

You can decide not to read anything , take the mantra and follow your intuition, many have done so and they have reached the fullness of life.

Find out how meditation is easy, effective and economical.




13 thoughts on “Introduction to Meditation”

    1. There is no between you and the universe… are one with the whole…you are the universe….with meditation you experience it…

  1. I am told that ones’ psychic power lies within the layers of ones subconsciousness, and that it can only be brought under the surface with the help of meditation; hence my interest in learning that art of meditation.

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